About Us

Levitate – The Beginning

Welcome to my studio. I am Connie Chan, the founder and owner of Levitate. I had never dreamed of opening a yoga studio. In fact, I was the most unlikely candidate to even try yoga. In my earlier days I drank, smoked and stayed out until many sunrises. Fitness wasn’t in my vocabulary, and anything with “spirit”uality in it was almost always followed by a hangover. I was your average out-of-shape, stressed-out, jaded New Yorker. Then I discovered Yoga Shanti, a yoga studio in Sag Harbor, New York and it altered my lifestyle. I started practicing yoga regularly and my life changed considerably. Yoga has given me happiness, awareness and joy. My love for the practice has inspired me to open my own studio, where people can practice in a warm and friendly environment. I invite you to visit Levitate, and hopefully change your life as well.

My Journey

Yoga, for me, was an unexpected journey into self-discovery. Initially, my type-A personality felt challenged by yoga’s deceptively simple poses. I was determined to bend more, twist harder and stretch further. I initially pushed myself way too hard. As I learned to respect and listen to my body, something wonderful happened. I started to ease into asanas (poses), and move towards more challenging ones. I was learning a lot about my body and its capabilities. My body became more lean and toned. Something else happened as I continued my journey into yoga. I became more aware. More aware of my breathing and surroundings. My cluttered mind became clear and my frenzied nature more relaxed. New York hasn’t changed, but my reactions and attitude have. Through yoga, I began to breathe deeply to soothe my anxiety and calm my mind. I was listening to my body and what it was telling me. My mind became more focused and relaxed. Yoga has given me the tools to be more conscious of not only my physical, but psychological, state as well. Best of all, it made me feel really good.

Levitate is both for the serious yogi seeking an invigorating, challenging experience, as well as for the beginning or curious participant who wants to experience the journey I took. It is a light-hearted discovery. With so many diverse personalities in this city, yoga is flexible enough to accommodate everyone at whatever level you feel comfortable. At Levitate, the philosophy of yoga is not a restrictive way of life, but a choice made by each individual. You can meditate for a minute or an hour, practice as rigorously as you wish or not, chant if you feel compelled, and still be free to wear the latest Louis Vuitton or Prada items. After all, I am still your average New Yorker….


Connie Chan